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free web based email account


make cash money | free stuff | free email account | paid to read emails| | PTP paid to promote | free email address | get paid | paid to click


Free web based email address. Make cash money with International Get Paid to Read Email Programs

international affiliate programs
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International get paid programs
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international affiliate programs





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make money | free stuff
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free email account
paid to read emails
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cash affiliate programs
free email address
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Make money with free stuff: Free web based email account

sign up for a free email account at yahoo, hotmail or myway. Thankyou for visiting, miladyann

Make money with free stuff: Free advertising, down line building and free referrals to help you make money with your affiliate programs. Thankyou for visiting, miladyann

Now you have your free web based email address you are going to need some Paid to Read Emails for it

If you haven't already got your free email account, I recommend you make an account with hotmail, yahoo, or gmail before you go any further
You can click on one of the links below to register for one [each link will open in a new window] ◊

Make money with this guide to the best free make money sites for children, compliments of miladyannA free email account from hotmail, gmail or yahoo is for everyone of 13 years and over

How to make Money with International
Get Paid To Read Email Programs

The Tips

Before you decide to join a PTP (Paid to Promote), paid to click or paid to read emails program, read the terms of service.
You need to be sure the get paid program will accept you as a member   You want to make money
It is pointless to join and work any affiliate program only to find your account is deleted before you get paid !

Once you are sure, begin the sign-up process using your new free email address, preferably using a unique password for each affiliate program

Keeping a notebook for your free stuff will help you keep track of your programs and passwords etc

You will usually be sent a confirmation email with instructions to click a link to confirm your membership, and then a "Welcome" email by the affiliate program containing your referral URL

Your referral URL is a web link which will send others directly to the site to enable them to sign up for the affiliate program and appear in your down line - more on affiliates, referrals and down line in a moment

I suggest when your first welcome email arrives in your new free email account, make a new folder called  "Welcome", and file it, and all other welcome emails there so you can keep them together

Another reason why it's an excellent idea to have a notebook for your free stuff is so you can jot down your referral URLs manually as well, just in case

It's a good safety measure is to use a different password for each program

Since there are so many affiliate programs, you'll want to know the "bottom line" on each one, so to save you having to wade through pages of each get paid program, I have included a brief free stuff review to help you to decide which programs will make you money and suit you best

Each affiliate program is graded using  the dollar sign:   "$"
The more $'s there are against a program, the better cash option I consider it to be   This is a guide only
Some of them are also for children - meaning you need to be at least 13 years of age to join
These will be clearly marked with a clown affiliate programs programs suitable for children at the top of each review to make it easy for you to find
There is a page dedicated to make money & free stuff for children located here: Children's Paid Program Index

One trick to help you make money to the maximum with affiliate programs is to remember that many paid to read email programs also have PTP (Paid to Promote) and/or a daily paid to click section with cash links
Some programs have a list of topics, or interests, in order to send you targeted emails
For example:  You could be asked to choose a maximum of 20 email interests from a list of 40 headings when you join
In this instance, if you are not getting many cash emails, it's advisable to make a note and return to these sites regularly in order to change some of the interests you've selected and hopefully generate more paid emails

PTP or Paid To Promote
Paid to Promote is also known as PTP and it is extremely popular amongst Paid to Read programs
You will see a lot of PTP ads as you click your paid to read emails

Certain PTR sites will offer you three PTP links, whilst others will offer you one. In each case, your main promo PTP link is the first link you see in each program's Paid To Promote menu

This is the one which will earn you credits which you exchange for cash. Rates vary, but "65 cents per 1,000 credits" or "65 cents per CPM" means once you have accrued 1,000 PTP credits you can cash them in and this cash is deposited straight into your paid to read email account

When a get paid program offers more than one PTP link, they are usually called Promo2, or Nopop
These paid to promote links have restrictions which vary from program to program, so be sure to read the restrictions for each PTP link. Some programs allow you to promote PTP in an auto surf, others do not

Before you advertise each Paid to Promote link, check the paid to read website's 'approved list', or go to the PTP site's stats section and check the approved section there

Take care! The is always the danger of third party ads carrying spy ware or even a virus
Be sure you have the protection of an updated antivirus program
(you can get some excellent free virus protection here: Free Antivirus - opens in a new window )

A quick word about referrals, also known as your "down line" or your "affiliates":
A down line is divided up into "direct referrals", the people who are listed directly under you in the program, and "indirect referrals", who are the people listed in the program beneath your "direct referrals"

Some get paid affiliate programs allow only one level of affiliates, others several levels of indirect referrals
Each time one of these affiliates opens, reads and clicks on the link of a paid email or in the paid to click section, they make you cash
There is no doubt that when you have referrals they will help you reach cash out faster
There will be a more detailed explanation about referrals and building a down line later on, but before you can consider promotion, you need to join some get paid affiliate programs

PayPal payments - you can avoid PayPal receiving fees with these programs which absorb fees/charge you prior to payment when you request payment by PayPal:

KeepRewarding    SWAGBUCKS


    Okay. That's covered the basics. Now to the business. The Paid To Read Email Programs are next
    You are here to make money with free stuff, right?   So let's get you earning that cash  :)

To continue, please click the "Next" button below so we can get you started on the paid to read programs
Remember to keep your pencil and notebook handy to jot down your user IDs and passwords

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