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international get paid programs

Make money with these free to join International Get Paid To Read Email Affiliate Programs: CountryFolksPTR (PTP), No-minimum (PTP), RealmOfKarma, WorldWideCash, Zodiac-Ads & HTMail. Honest reviews with facts up front compliments of miladyann

international paid to read programs


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very good get paid to read email & paid to click affiliate programs


international get paid affiliate programs





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Get a free SolidTrust Pay account here:Get your free SolidTrust Pay account here - also known as Solid Trust Pay , SolidTrustPay and STP ,  SolidTrust Pay opens in a new window

AlertPay is now Payza
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AVOID PAYPAL FEES with these programs which absorb PayPal fees:

DonkeyMails PTP
no-minimum PTP
RainingCashEmails PTP

make money | free stuff
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Paid to Promote ( PTP )


BillionDollarMails PTP

Make money with free stuff: Free advertising, down line building and free referrals to help you make money with your affiliate programs. Thankyou for visiting, miladyann

very good get paid to read email & paid to click affiliate programs
(some with free PTP / paid to promote earning options)


           $$  BillionDollarMails  ~ ALSO PAID TO CLICK & PTP (Paid to Promote)
BillionDollarMails  is a restricted* get paid to read email affiliate program launched in 2007 which was re-launched under Polarbear Family on 3rd May 2015
(* BillionDollarMails does not accept members from Angola, Burma, China, Cote d'Ivoire, Cuba, Hong Kong, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Libya, North Korea, Poland, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Syria, Taiwan, Vietnam, Western Balkans (Bosnia & Herzegovina, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia (including Kosovo), and Zimbabwe. Also does not allow members using AOL, Proxy, University/College or Satellite IPs)
Make money 1 referral level:  Directs = 15%
(PTP Paid To Promote $0.15 per 1,000 Credits for tier 1 hits, $0.12 per thousand for tier 2 hits and $0.015 for lower tier or default hits)
Minimum BillionDollarMails cash out = $3, via PayPal (receiving fees apply to PayPal payments), or Payza(receiving fees apply), or Serve (USA only), within 30 days
Free upgrade  - the free upgrate at BillionDollarMails is for 6 months and open to the first 250 members - request on site
Free upgrade for 6 months at BillionDollarMails consists of:
1 x 1,000 banner impressions + 1 x 2 Point Email to all + 75 x 2 point Contest PTCs (all monthly)
Earning tip:  Visit the BillionDollarMails affiliate page section daily for higher value links
Note:To retain free PTP privileges, you need to click at least 50 email links a month and have $0.05 in personal earnings for each $1 in PTP earnings which is 5%

          $$  HomesteadMails  ~ Special PTP link for all members + free 6-month upgrade with ads on request
Established in March 2007, HomesteadMails is a
tier 1 & 2 only paid to read and click affiliate program which was taken over by Carol in December 2016
This program owner also owns
AfterMidnightMails,  CircleCPTR and RoadTo51
HomesteadMails allows members from the following countries only: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK & USA
Minimum age = 18 years
Make money at
HomesteadMails with the special PTP link which is free to use for all members (no earnings percentage requirement to use the special ptp link other than 50 clicks per calendar month)
Free upgrade: A free 6-month upgrade is available on request for new
HomesteadMails members
5 cents sign up bonus and 20% referral earnings
Minimum cashout at
HomesteadMails is $2 by Payza, Serve (USA), Amazon eGift Card, or Walmart eGift card
(NOTE: The
HomesteadMails server rejects email addresses using Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, Rogers, and Rocket, so a gmail email address is recommended)
Free upgrade expires after 6 months

The free upgrade at
HomesteadMails consists of these free ads each month for 6 months:
Cash Emails -1 x .025c Cash Mail for 100 Clicks
Paid to Click -1 x .025c Cash PTC for 100 Clicks
Contest ptc -1 x .015c Contest PTC for 100 Clicks
Banner Impressions - 1 x 1,000 Banner Impressions
HomesteadMails members must click a minimum of 50 links monthly to remain active


        $$  Hot-Rods-PTR ~ ALSO Paid to Click plus free PTP link for all
Hot-Rods-PTR is an International get paid to read email program launched in 2005 and under new ownership in 2010 and twice in 2016 - the site is now under the umbrella of the Polarbear Family and sweeping changes have ensued
The free PTP (Paid to Promote) link pays per thousand hits: Tier 1 - $0.15 per thousand; Tier 2 $0.105 per thousand; Rest $0.015 per thousand; Default 0.0015 CENTS! per thousand - finding advertising for tier 1 hits costing less than 15 cents per thousand so you can make a profit is impossible, so only use the free PTP link at hot-rods-ptr if you have spare free upgrade ads left over from other programs
Well stocked paid to click sections with all banners worth cash
Make money at Hot-Rods-PTR with 1 referral level:   Directs = 15% 
Minimum/maximum cash out = $3 via verified PayPal, Serve (for the USA only), or Payza (open your free Payza account here) and it should be noted that receiving fees apply to all payments
(If you are a member of other sites within the Polarbear family, payment requests can be combined to relieve the strain of receiving fees, but you must write in and obtain permission from the PO prior to requesting and the requests need to be done at the same time - failure to do so means you will be paid in individual transactions and the extra 30 cents loss in fees is equal to clicking 1,500 x .02 links !!!)
Note:  Be sure you understand the terms for PTP and Affiliate Page usage before purchase
Earning tips:  Visit the Affiliate Page section daily for low cash links
Note:  Hot-Rods-PTR members wishing to use the free Paid To Promote option must click minimum 100 links (emails or PTCs) each month and have 5% in personal earnings versus PTP/Affiliate Page earnings to cash out PTP and Affiliate Page earnings
Members must click a minimum of 100 links per month in order to get paid
Members must be 25% as active as their referrals in order to qualify for referral earnings - since there is nothing on the site to show the status of referral activity it is advisable not to rely on referrals to help you earn and unwise to waste money advertising your referral link

Check the TOS section regularly for referral rates, PTP values and minimum/maximum cashout - changes are now made at hot-rods-ptr without notification

           $$  PTP4all  ~ PTP (Paid to Promote)  NOT a paid to read email site
A unique all-cash paid to promote affiliate program, PTP4all was launched 01 May 2016
No country restrictions, simply promote your referral link which is also your Paid To Promote link and earn $0.30 per thousand for unique hits
Paid to Promote (PTP) is free for all members
PTP4all does not send get paid to read emails
Make money with 1 referral level:  Directs = 5%
Minimum PTP4all cash out = $5 via Payza or verified PayPal (full receiving fees apply to PayPal payments)

Earning tip: If you have time, visit the banners section each day and click them all to help boost your PTP4all account earnings


Payza (was AlertPay) charges receiving fees from November 2014 (currently 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction)

A free to open Payza Personal account is recommended for get paid programs


SolidTrust Pay (also referred to as STP SolidTrustPay and Solid Trust Pay) charges receiving fees which are substantially lower than those charged by PayPal - the fee is automatically deducted by SolidTrust Pay from the total amount you receive

Receiving fees generally are 1.5% + $0.25 per transaction on SolidTrust Pay personal accounts but check the SolidTrust Pay website for the current fees and any country exclusions

SolidTrust Pay Business accounts and SolidTrustPay Shopping Mall Corporate accounts charge different fees, please see the SolidTrust Pay website for more information


PayPal charges receiving fees - the fee is automatically deducted by PayPal from the total amount you receive

The PayPal receiving fee will vary depending on the country you are living in and the country the payment is being sent from

Generally it is 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction (for those living in the UK it is 3.9% + 30 cents) check the fees for your country

Some programs listed on this site absorb those fees when they pay you so you receive your full earnings, the majority do not

Be aware of PayPal receiving fees before you request payment by PayPal


YOU CAN AVOID PAYPAL RECEIVING FEES COMPLETELY with these programs which absorb fees/charge you prior to payment when they pay by PayPal:

 AyuWage GrindaBuck DonkeyMails,   No-Minimum  &  RainingCashEmails


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