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free virus protection


free antivirus | free stuff | free tools | download free virus protection | freeware & shareware | free antivirus software | avast | avg | free tools


Free virus protection. Download free antivirus software, combat viruses and worms. Freeware. Compiled by miladyann


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Download free antivirus


download free antivirus





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free antivirus | free stuff
free antivirus software
download free antivirus
free virus protection

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A computer is a costly purchase, so it makes sense for you to protect it as best you can

PC virus protection software can be expensive to buy, so wouldn't it be nice to get some for free?

Well, actually, you can !!

There are a couple of good quality virus protection programs produced as freeware by established reputable companies for private, non-commercial, single home computer use, so if that applies to you, then you are in for a treat


What is a virus?

A virus is a small program which can be contained in any type of executable file which downloads onto your PC and are designed to spread from one computer to another

A virus could use your email program to infect other computers or in extreme cases corrupt your data and wipe out your hard drive

They are often spread by attachments in an email which is why it is vital you never open an attachment unless you know who it is from, and even then it is best to scan it before downloading

Good antivirus software will automatically examine all incoming files and alert you to any problems before they occur

Since new virus threats are appearing every day, it is very important to keep your antivirus software updated at all times

Free stuff for home computers means you can download free antivirus - both AVG Free Edition or avast! Home Edition are excellent free antivirus software packages

To avoid conflicts, it is not advisable to have more than one antivirus on your PC




Free Antivirus Software


    Download the AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition
Free virus protection also against worms and Trojans, AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition from Grisoft is ideal for private, non-commercial use
(Use of AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition within any organization or for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited)
This freeware anti virus edition is easy to use, and includes free monthly updates

    Free antivirus - avast! 4 Home Edition
avast! Home Edition anti virus is now free of charge for home users for non-commercial use
Initially, if you don't register straight away, you'll install the trial version, which is fully functional for 60 days
During this period, you can register yourself on the avast! 4 Home Free Registration page, and you will receive a license key by E-mail within 24 hours
Insert this key into the avast! 4 Home product, and you will receive the non- restricted version of avast! 4 Home Edition, including access to the update service, for one year
After this period, re-register to obtain a new free license key


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free antivirus | free stuff | freeware & shareware | free virus protection | download free antivirus | free antivirus software | avast | avg | anti virus |  free tools

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