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Make money with free stuff: Free website promotion and free online advertising. Thankyou for visiting, miladyann





Continuing with the free stuff theme, on this page you are links to free Traffic Exchanges, another form of free advertising available for free website promotion, many of them are affiliate programs in themselves




There is no doubt that free advertising gets free referrals
Traffic exchanges offer free website promotion and free advertising for your favourite affiliate programs
Some traffic exchanges even allow you to make money

Each traffic exchange reviewed here is an affiliate program and since this is a free stuff site, they are all free to join  
Advertising one traffic exchange in another traffic exchange is an effective way to get a down line of referrals

A down line, although not absolutely necessary, can help you earn more credits and make money for you too
Traffic exchanges are an effective way of advertising the referral URLs of your free affiliate programs
Some traffic exchanges are fully automatic, others are manual which require you to click an icon of some sort when the timer runs out. Most offer free advertising in the form of a sign-up bonus
You will earn credits the moment you start surfing, and you can then assign these credits to the URL of your choice

Clixswap ~ MAKE MONEY*
2:1 ratio   Directs = 25%.   Single URL  * Random cash pages as you surf   30 second timer
Min cash out = $20 by cheque within 14 days


Launched in 2003    1:1 ratio    Allows multiple URLs    Unique 24 hours traffic   20 sec timer
Free advertising:  50 credit sign-up bonus after you have surfed 50 sites.   Make money:
Earn $0.50 per 1000 sites surfed     Directs: $0.10 + 10%; indirect = 5%, 3%, 2%, 1%
Min cashout = $3 via PayPal


Traffic exchange launched December 2001   2:1 ratio   Free advertising: 100 credit sign-up bonus
4 referral levels:     Directs = 100 credits + 10%; indirect levels = 10%, 10%, 10%

Traffic G
Offers: Start Page, Traffic Generator & Banner Exchange   10 credit sign-up bonus   1:1 ratio
5 referral levels: Directs = 15 credits + 10%; indirect levels = 10 credits + 10%; 5 credits + 10%; 10%, 10%
PTP approved at the following Paid To Promote sites: 
DonkeyMails  and
 no-minimum PTP links


    Webmaster Quest ~ MAKE MONEY*
Trade visits on a 1:1 ratio  Allows multiple URLs  Can only visit sites once each day  30 sec timer
5 referral levels: Directs = 10%; indirect levels = 5%, 2%, 1%, 1%
* Random cash pages as you surf. Cash out via PayPal




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make cash money | free stuff | free advertising| free website promotion | free traffic | start page | traffic exchange | free referrals

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