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Blogging for referrals


There are many free blog sites allowing you to create free blogs with or without free hosting and free blog templates to suit every blogger and every blogging topic

For those of us involved in making money within the Get Paid Industry, free blogging is an excellent platform for enticing free referrals into our get paid programs

Blogging for referrals is easy, whether you are an experienced blogger or a blogging novice

Below is a list of a few of the many free blogging sites offering various blogging options from blogging for beginners to educational blogging services and free online diaries

The link to each free blogging site will open in a new window

Open an account at one of the free blogging sites and create your free blog using one of the many free blog templates available

Becoming a blogger is simple, just write a short note to explain what you like about a particular get paid program and be sure to include your referral link within each of the posts then publish

Use the link to your free blog in your advertising, be that paid links on get paid programs or using one of the traffic exchanges on the Trade Visits page listed under the FREE STUFF for referrals section from the menu on the left

It is also a good idea to insert the link to your free blog into the signature of your online forum accounts and/or social networking accounts such as facebook, linkedin, twitter and so on

Blogging for referrals can be an effective, and free, method of building a downline for any get paid affiliate program


Become a blogger - create free blogs with one of these free blog sites and start blogging using one of these free blog links: Themed blogs excellent for travel blogs offers map integration free blogs and free image hosting suitable for all bloggers free blog hosting offers RSS feeds plus many other extras suitable for established bloggers WordPress blogs geared towards educational blogging and education blogging services create a free blog / online diary suitable for all bloggers - create free blogs which allow bloggers to post text, photos, quotes, links, music and videos, from any browser, phone, desktop or email account free blog and free website with free hosting offering many free blog designs for experienced bloggers Free site based on part blogging and part social networking


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