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Free web based email address


make cash money | free stuff | international affiliate programs | PPC search engine | free email address | get paid | paid to click


Free web based email address. Make money with these International Get Paid to Read Email Programs for Beginners


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Free web based email address


get paid to read emails





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Free Email Account

A quick "bottom line" for you on this free email account you are about to open for your free paid to read affiliate programs

You will need a notebook and pencil to note down your free email address and password for later

Choose a password you can remember, but in the interest of security, I would strongly urge you not to use this password for any other online account

How to Make Money with International
Get Paid To Read Email Programs
(For Absolute Beginners)

Why do you need a free email account?

Keeping the paid to read email from your free affiliate programs in one place will make them easier to deal with,  so an exclusive free email address just for paid to read email makes sense

A web based email address is great and easy to access

Many are available at a price, but this site is about free stuff, we are here to make money not spend it!

A free email account at Hotmail or Yahoo is popular, but both tend to block many of the get paid programs

Another is gmail or googlemail which is generally considered the better option but the choice is yours, each will provide you with a free web based email address

In fact, Hotmail, Yahoo and gmail offer more than just a free email address

You can explore their options later, but for now, unless you already have one, make yourself a free email account dedicated to your paid to read email programs


You can click on one of the links below to register for one [each link will open in a new window]  ◊  ◊


Make money with this guide to the best free make money sites for children, compliments of miladyannA free email account from hotmail, gmail or yahoo is for everyone of 13 years and over

If you're having difficulty

  • For Right column, top, click "new hotmail account"
  • For   On the right of page, click "Create an account"
  • For  Top of page, to the left of "Yahoo!", click on the "Check Email" envelope. Next page on left, click "Sign up now"     

Write down your new email address and password!

The set up is now complete
You have opened your free web based email account and you are ready to make money
The ground work is done but before we go any further there are a few tips I'd like to share before we go to the free affiliate programs

If you would like to click the "next" button below .....

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make cash money | free stuff | paid to read emails | international affiliate programs | PPC search engine | paid to click | free email address | get paid program

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