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NeoBux get paid to click
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NeoBux get paid to click - international paid to task affiliate program - earn an easy $20 a month with no investment - instant payments to paypal and payza
NeoBux international affiliate program

make cash money | paid to task at NeoBux | International Paid to Task | instant payment to Payza | get paid to click | get paid to task  

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International Paid to Task
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NeoBux get paid to click - international paid to task - earn an easy $20 a month with no investment - award
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NeoBux one of the best get paid to click programs. International get paid to task affiliate program. Thankyou for visiting,

NeoBux one of the best get paid to click programs. International paid to task affiliate program. Thankyou for visiting,


International Paid to Task
Instant Payments by



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International Get Paid to Task
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YOU can cash out $20 each month with zero investment

It's no secret:  - Join NeoBux here (link will open in a new window)

NOTE: Immediately after REGISTERING at NeoBux, you must click ALL 4 ORANGE ADS to make your account ACTIVE or your account will be deleted after 72 hours

Get Paid to Click at NeoBux
The half cent PTCs at NeoBux along with a couple of dozen 1/10th cent PTCs throughout the day (refresh regularly to catch them), make earning at NeoBux easy

By far the biggest earner at NeoBux is Get Paid to Task: Do the mini jobs on a daily basis - NeoBux pays substantially more for the tasks than the other sites do

Nothing to buy, join or sign up for, just answer questions hit submit and your NeoBux account is credited
By including paid to task mini jobs in your daily routine a new NeoBux member should be able to reach their first $2 cashout in less than a week or so
(New members should read the
'New NeoBux members be aware' section near the bottom of this page)

To do Crowdflower tasks you need to create a Crowdflower account and log in to access the mini jobs - you will be prompted to create a Crowdflower account when you click a task in the Neobux Mini Jobs section

Crowdflower requires you to login to your Crowdflower account through your Facebook account
If you do not have a Facebook account you will be unable to complete tasks

Creating a new Facebook account is free and only requires an email address, your name and a date of birth - using the same email address as you use for your Crowdflower account will speed things along

Members get paid to task all day long, check the mini jobs section throughout the day, or simply refresh the page regularly

Join NeoBux    >  log in  >  top menu: Offers  >  Mini Jobs (this is the paid to task section)

Keep refreshing the page until the tasks start to arrive, click each task as they come in and follow the simple instructions - don't rush or panic - if one says "finished", move on to the next and go back to it later - you will invariably find the "finished" becomes available to you

Crowdflower works on a badge system - when you first start to task, you will earn the first of your three badges awarded for completing tasks carefully and correctly

The Crowdflower Entrance Exam
It is easy to earn your first badge quickly - pass the Crowdflower Entrance Exam and get your 1st level badge

NOTE:  Before you take the Crowdflower Entrance Exam, be sure to read this carefully:
If you fail the Crowdflower entrance exam, you cannot take it a second time !

To access the Crowdflower Entrance Exam, log into your NeoBux  account, in the top menu go to Coin Offers >  SuperRewards  >  Tasks
Click on Potential Jobs, then click on any task and accept the terms on the new page

Now go to the your Crowdflower Dashboard, click on the username dropdown  >  Edit profile and change the preferred to SuperRewards and his will enable the Entrance Exam link in your Dashboard

The Entrance Exam consists of a series of unpaid mini jobs with test questions - if possible, complete the exam in one sitting, take your time and keep distractions to a minimum to ensure you pass

If you need to stop before you have qualified, click Save & Exit - the next time you open it, you can continue where you left off - but do not abuse the Save & Exit option or you risk being disqualified

IMPORTANT: When you have reached your 1st level badge, go back to your Crowdflower profile and change the preferred SuperRewards to NeoBux so you can now earn cash for your tasking

This cash will automatically be credited to your NeoBux account each time you complete a task correctly

Success with the entrance exam means you get your first level badge quickly, and you will find more tasks available to you - just remember to change your preference to NeoBux or you will be earning coins instead of cash

On top of earnings from tasking, NeoBux gives you a personal bonus of 15 cents on every dollar you earn doing the paid to task mini jobs
(There are no strings, no minimum clicks of this or that, simply earn a dollar doing paid to task mini jobs and 15 cents is instantly added to your NeoBux balance, then when you have earned your next dollar another 15 cents is added and so on)

There are lower and higher paid to task mini jobs at NeoBux depending on your geographical location - do them slowly and carefully

Some tasks will have test questions - these mini jobs help you earn badges for good work, the more badges you have the more earning opportunities you will be offered

With just the mini jobs plus the 15-cent bonus coupled with my normal PTCs, I am able to cash out $10 at NeoBux every 14 days or less

If I can, you can too, there are even more mini jobs are available during the day if you have time

There are various tasks with other rates of pay available 24/7, refresh and check your job board to get paid to task throughout the day

For the rest, NeoBux is a bit different ....

Cashing out at NeoBux
Your first cashout minimum at NeoBux is $2, then it increases by a dollar each time until you reach $10 minimum, which is where it stays for the rest of your membership
So, first cashout is $2, second cashout is $3, third is $4 and so on up to the $10 and you must wait 4 days between requests
There is no maximum limit to the amount you can withdraw - but you cannot choose the amount - at NeoBux it is full balance or nothing at all (so make sure you have no fractions of a cent on your request, or you could lose them - when your balance is at a whole cent, request immediately)
NeoBux payments are instant to your Payza account - other payment options available (not PayPal) see site for details

Note: From November 2014 Payza charges receiving fees of 2.9% + 30 cents
You can open your free Payza account here

Referral commissions at NeoBux
NeoBux has 1 referral level, paying 50% on PTCs, 20% on Neo Coin Offers and 12% on tasks/mini jobs
Note A: Free members must click 4 set (orange) links each day to earn from referrals the following day
Note B: For PTCs, the only advertisements that count as set links are: Extended Exposure(1.5 cents), Standard Exposure (1 cent), and Orange Fixed Advertisements (1/10 cent)
NeoBux members also earn 1% commission from referral purchases of $10 and higher

Points at NeoBux
Every ad you click at NeoBux will earn you 1 point, points are NeoBux currency which can be used to purchase an upgrade - points can be earned by competing point offers and won in Adprize

When you have 30,000 points you can upgrade to Golden, and benefit from a guaranteed 9 x 1 cent PTCs every day plus a 30 cent personal bonus on your tasks - see the NeoBux website for full benefits

Coins at NeoBux

Coins are NeoBux currency and can be converted to cash directly into your main balance
You earn NeoBux Coins by completing Coin offers which are credited 60 days after a successful offer is complete
NOTE: NeoBux Coins can only be converted to cash credited directly to your main balance
The NeoBux  Coin conversion rate is as follows:
  2,500 Coins = $0.80 for each 1000 Coins = $2
  5,000 Coins = $1.00 for each 1000 Coins = $5
 10,000 Coins = $1.10 for each 1000 Coins = $11
 20,000 Coins = $1.20 for each 1000 Coins = $24
 30,000 Coins = $1.30 for each 1000 Coins = $39
 40,000 Coins = $1.40 for each 1000 Coins = $56
 60,000 Coins = $1.50 for each 1000 Coins = $90
 80,000 Coins = $1.60 for each 1000 Coins = $128
100,000 Coins = $1.70 for each 1000 Coins = $170
You can convert your NeoBux Coins to cash after the 60 day period as soon as you have enough, but the higher number of NeoBux Coins you convert, the more per thousand you will be paid
NeoBux Coin offers also give you a 20% referral commission from your direct referrals' offers (example when your direct referral earns 20,000 NeoBux Coins you'll get 4,000 NeoBux Coins)

Adprize at NeoBux
Adprize is an opportunity to win cash, points and upgrades at NeoBux - chances are earned by clicking ads

Advertising at NeoBux
Advertising at NeoBux is very effective, but when advertising personal websites be sure your server can handle the load - the visits come in thick and fast and have been known to exceed many a bandwidth limit in less than a day !

New NeoBux members be aware
After REGISTERING, click ALL 4 ORANGE ADS to become ACTIVE or your account will be suspended
An inactive user for 72 hours after registration will have the account permanently suspended so join NeoBux and click the 4 orange PTCs right away making a mental note to return each day to click all the PTCs so you do not lose your account and earnings

You can get paid to task as a new member - top menu: Offers  >  Mini Jobs and watch your earnings soar
You can take the Crowdflower Entrance Examm when this is available, and achieve your Level 1 badge as a new member, follow the steps outlined in the Crowdflower Entrance Exam Section above

Do not promote your NeoBux referral link until after you have been a member for 15 days and have clicked at least 100 links. If you do, any referrals you get will not be placed into your downline

After 100 clicks and 15 days of membership, begin promoting your NeoBux referral link

Activity rules at NeoBux
New members must click all 4 orange ads immediately after registration or lose their account
After 30 days of inactivity, your NeoBux account will be temporarily suspended
After 60 days of inactivity. your NeoBux account will be permanently suspended
All suspended accounts have their balances reset to zero and lose all referrals, with no refunds given

Staying active is easy, just log in and click a few links


Really, no-one can go wrong with the international paid to task at NeoBux at the moment

I refresh NeoBux often and get paid to task throughout the day and catch the PTCs which have link values of between 1/10th cent and 1.5 cents for free/standard members - the mini jobs at NeoBux pay more than at any other PTC site on the net

You will earn most of your daily money at NeoBux in 20 minutes with the paid to task mini jobs :)

You can join NeoBux here (link will open in a new window) and try it for yourself

For more information about opening a free Payza account and earning even more with the Payza affiliate program, please see this page


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