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Make money with free stuff: Free advertising, down line building and free referrals to help you make money with your affiliate programs


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Free online advertising = free referrals
a Free Down Line = free money


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 FREE STUFF for referrals


AlertPay is now Payza

Get your free Payza
account here:

NOTE: Open a free
Get Paid Programs

Get a free SolidTrust Pay account here:
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Make money with free stuff: Free advertising, down line building and free referrals to help you make money with your affiliate programs. Thankyou for visiting, miladyann


So now you have the affiliate programs
How about a down line of referrals or affiliates to go with them?
A down line will help you make money

Referrals and down line building are easy too.
It's all free stuff here, so how about some free referrals ?

You have your referral IDs for the affiliate programs now.
Next you need to build your down line of referrals or affiliates to help you make money.
Free advertising is fun and isn't as hard as it may seem, honest :)

    The Tips

The easiest free advertising is to email friends and family with your referral links.
Tell them a little about each of the affiliate programs, and how it's all free stuff and they too can make money, in much the same way as I have told you here.
Include your referral URL for each affiliate program with each explanation so they only have to click a link to join and become your affiliate.

Do NOT send email like this to people you don't know.
That is called 'SPAM', and you'll risk losing your accounts at the affiliate programs.

Join a safe list

A safe list is a program which allows you to send out free online advertising to their database.
The only "price" to pay is to accept that their members will send their free advertising to you.
You might prefer to make another free email address with google or hotmail purely dedicated to online safe list advertising.
Each time you receive an ad, there will be a link to click on.
Instead of being paid cash, you will be credited points.
You can then redeem your points for your own free advertising of your favourite online affiliate program.
Make sure you write an easy to read but eye-catching ad for your program, think what attracted you and made you want to join a particular program, and use something similar to persuade others to do the same.
Remember to mention the free stuff, such as points being for free advertising, or converted to cash, etc.  Before you know it, you will become an ad-copy expert.

A nice online safe list to try is called
You will get 50 free credits when you join, so that is free advertising to 50 to start you off
1 referral level: Directs = 20%
You will earn 5 Credits for reading a credit email
Earn 1 Credit for each credit email your referral reads
To advertise: 1 Credit = 1 Read
Your 1 credit is used only when your email ad has been read

Next, you need to find other people, people you don't know, and make them your referrals.
There are different ways to do this and not be penalized.

Let's start with an affiliate program called Marketing Pond for some free referrals.   Yes, that's right, this is a very special program which, when you join, allows you to put your referral IDs into their program list. 

The first thing you need to do is check over this page: Marketing Pond Program List to see if there are any programs listed which you are already a member of, or would like to join.

As with all of the other get paid programs, make a note of your referral URLs because you will need them.

When you have decided, please click the link below, and follow the steps ......

Go straight to "Sign Up" link in the centre of the page at the top
Join, and then go directly to your "
Program & Stats" link in the left hand column.
Fill in all your referral ID's for any programs you have joined, scroll down and hit submit     That's it!

When you have finished, go to your "Refer & Promote" section, and you will see your 2 URLs:
Link 1 is your MarketingPond URL and link 2 is your Program List URL
You have already entered your user IDs into the list, these are now automatically inserted into your Program List URL, which means you get a chance of new members automatically becoming part of your down line in each one of the programs you listed 

All you have to do is promote your Program List URL (more on that later)
You might also want to click on the link "Newbie" and have a read - the information they give is excellent!

In this way, you can advertise lots of online programs by using the tips in the "Bullfrogs" section of the MarketingPond website

Create a Blog

     Free blogging  ~ ALSO FOR CHILDREN
There are many free sites which allow you to make yourself a blog - they will even host it for you completely free of charge

Use this blog to give details about the sites you enjoy, tell everyone why you like them so much and be sure to include your referral link for each one 
Add your blog link to your signature at forums - the more you post the more free advertising your blog will receive
If the forum allows more than one link in your signature, pick one or two of your referral links and add those to your signature too

Be sure to include a link to your MarketingPond referral page to your blog posts to increase the chances of gaining a referral

Check the Free Blog Sites listing in the left menu for more information about creating a free blog and blogging for referrals


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